Do You Need a VPS?

Do You Need a VPS?

In high-speed development of today, technology is no longer technology, it is high-tech; a server is not a server, but a state-of-the-art hardware; hosting is no longer web hosting, but a large array of vaguely understandable terms - cloud, VPS, etc. If you're new to the tech world, choosing web hosting for the first time may come as a bit of a headache. Virtual private server and cloud server have become a popular trend in web hosting within the past few years. Today, it seems unfashionable and unprofessional to host your websites with anything but cloud servers. Let us see what a VPS is and if it meets your requirements.

VPS, a virtual private server, is a server installed on a computer. VPS services multiple websites. One computer can have several VPS installed, all with different operating systems on them. Virtual private server has both advantages and disadvantages, if compared to traditional shared or dedicated servers.

VPS pros:
Price is usually affordable, if you take into account raw power and a large number of customizable options that come with VPS hosting plans.

Setup with a VPS is a lot easier and takes less time than a dedicated server, that needs assembling and installing. With a VPS, it is usually a matter of hours to install the necessary software and finish setup.

You get root access to edit and scale your hosting when you need. Whereas, with shared hosting, you need to go through a lengthy customer or tech support procedures to have all those things done.

VPS are installed on powerful machines that withstand multiple VPSs together, which allows you to have many extra features. These machines seldom have hardware failures.

VPSs are known to be more secure and reliable against DDoS attacks.

VPS hosting plans are usually scalable, which allows you to upscale your bandwidth or disk space almost instantly when you need it. With a dedicated server, you need to wait while tech specialists install a new hardware component.

VPS cons:
In case you run a website with lots of resource-consuming applications, such as forums, emails, etc., you definitely need a dedicated server with unlimited plans to run smoothly.

When one of the VPSs starts consuming too many resources, other VPSs may slow down.

VPS requires advanced technical skills to set up.

Support for VPS is usually slower and takes more time to fix, if compared to shared hosting.


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