PHP Hosting & MySql Features

PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4

We have servers which run all all of the major versions of PHP, so if your site software requires a particular type that's no problem at all.

Memory & Execution Time

We have high PHP memory allocation (128MB) and unlimited execution time so the majority of software is supported and works without issue.

Many Modules

Our PHP includes all of the major modules you'll need for your site, including GD Library with Freetype, Mcrypt, PDO, MysqlI, and many more.

MySQL V5.5

Our servers run the latest and fastest version of MySQL - 5.5, this has the latest features and works over multi core servers to get the very best performance.

Online Database Admin

Manage your database online with phpMyAdmin, this is an easy to use web based too which lets you search, input and export data to and from your database.

Unlimited Database Size

We have no database size limits, your database can grow as big as you need it too.

Perl, CGI & Python

Full Perl, CGI and Python support is included with all packages, both on the command line and via browser.

Custom Error Pages

Customise your error pages such a 404, 500 and 403 - this helps you make use of all of your visitor traffic.

Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes are fully supported on all of our hosting packages.

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