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The open source Zend framework assists PHP developers in the development of complex
Web applications (complete with reusable code) through the use of object oriented
components and MVC (Model-View-Controller) design features. Here are some of the
software's main advantages.

Simplicity - Zend's lightweight component library offers easy access to 80 per cent of
functionality, while allowing the remaining 20 per cent to be customised according to

Flexibility - The Zend framework is exceptionally flexible and supports all features within
the latest PHP versions. The components of Zend can also be used outside the framework

SEO - Zend enables developers to create URLs that are search engine friendly.

Functionality/ Productivity - The functionality and productivity of sites can be significantly
improved through the Zend framework components. Main components include, among others:

MVC (Model-View-Controller); enabling convenient creation of effective applications
through separation of design and code implementation
RAD (Rapid Application Development) and Tooling; offering tooling support and
command line client, enabling easy creation of PHP Web application through the
ability to quickly and easily generate MVC artefacts, project architecture and various
other features.
Localisation/ Internationalisation; allows easy addition of varying languages to cater
for expanding international markets.
Database; allows building of application models based on required databases using
standard database programmes' best practises.

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