Vanilla Hosting

Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing blogs, Websites or any other custom-built
application, Vanilla is a powerful open source community publishing platform. Easy to install
and use, this platform consists of a simple, easily customised core that is combined with
sensible default features/ settings and can be customised to offer advanced functionality
through an array of plug-ins, themes and add-ons.

Compatible with an array of browsers, including Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Internet
Explorer; Konqueror, Mozilla Firefox/ SeaMonkey and Opera, as well as Android, BlackBerry,
HP WebOS (formerly Palm), iPhone, Symbian (Nokia) and Windows Phone 7 smart phones,
Vanilla automatically scales to the device in use and supports:

Personal messages
Hot and/ or unread messages
Sticky threads
Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 Syndication
Quick Reply boxes

Some of the available plug-ins enable syntax highlighting, message quoting/ rating and
smileys/ other emoticons; online users lists, friendly URLs and a cache system designed to
optimise load times/ bandwidths, to name but a few of many options. Localisation is enabled
through support of a variety of major languages, including, among others:

Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Thai and
Traditional Chinese

See Vanilla Forums for more detailed information.

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