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Before installing SugarCRM CE, it is essential to install the appropriate version (Windows or
Linux) of PHP, as well as a database and Web server on the users computer.

After downloading SugarCRM CE, the downloaded files need to be unzipped and copied
to the installed Web server. The next step is to check for and set both dependencies
and requirements, after which it is necessary to locate and set the parameter for the
variables_order in the php.ini file (found in the root directory of Sugar) to EGPCS. The server
will need to be restarted after this action.

Restarting the server is, by the way, only necessary if the php.ini file has been modified. Once
the server has - if necessary - been restarted, SugarCRM CE can be installed using the Set-
up Wizard, which can be located at http:////install.php.

If, for example, the server is 'anyoddhost', and the Sugar directory has been defined
as 'MySugarCE', the wizard will be located at http://anyoddhost/MySugarCE/install.php.

This is obviously just a simplified guide to installing this software. More detailed instructions
can be found at SugarCRM Support, and details on how to use the programme once installed
can be found in the shape of a very handy User Admin Guide.

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