Statusnet Hosting

Designed to provide services similar to those offered by Google Buzz, Twitter or Yammer,
StatusNet is an open source, free microblogging platform aiming to enable members of any
given community/ group/ company to exchange short messages via the Internet.

Additional features/ add-ons also enable sending of status messages to mobile phones, IM
programmes (such as, for instance, Jabber or Google Talk) and/ or custom-built desktop
clients with Twitter API support.

The OStatus open standard supported by StatusNet enables social network distribution
across the Web by permitting users on different networks to follow one another.

A host of useful add-ons enables customisation with added functionality to suit any group of
users. Some of the most popular add-ons currently available include:

Dartik Theme
Google Reader
yourls plugin

Some of the latest additions to the add-on directory (see directory) consist of:

Dartik Theme
MeeGo StatusNet
Scroll To Top
SlateNet Theme
StatusNet OExchange
WordPress OStatus
yourls plugin

Messages, by the way, are currently restricted by default to a maximum of 140 characters.
Users are also able to select who they wish to follow via StatusNet, and will subsequently only
receive messages from selected friends, colleagues, and so on.

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