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Templating in PHP is divided into two very different schools of thought. One view is that PHP
is essentially a template engine and subsequently uses a mixture of PHP code and HTML.
While this approach - from a purely script-execution based point of view - is relatively quick,
many developers/ designers argue that mixing PHP syntax with presentation can be messy,
as well as being difficult to maintain.

The second school of thought - and the approach used by Smarty - believes that presentation
should not contain any programming code, but should use simple tags indicating the location
of application content. In essence, this approach focuses templates squarely on presentation,
with no application code and keeping overheads as small as possible.

Facilitating separation of HTML/ CSS (presentation) from PHP-based application logic, the
Smarty template engine was developed with the following goals in mind:

Added security through insulation of templates from PHP
Clean presentation/ application code separation
Creation of Websites with a PHP back-end and a Smarty template front-end
Easy to understand syntax not requiring knowledge of PHP
Greater flexibility in custom development
Provision of a free, open source template engine
Provision of a template engine to compliment, not replace PHP
Quick, easy to maintain templates
Rapid development/deployment for designers/ programmers

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