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The open source newsletter/ mailing list manager phpList is a free application that can be
easily integrated into Websites to handle very large lists of e-mail addresses. Allowing the
addition of placeholders to be replaced by personalised details (such as recipients' names, for
instance) within e-mails, as well as supporting HTML e-mails, phpList also enables users to:

Sign up for multiple lists (without receiving duplicates of cross-posted newsletters/
messages, etc)
Identify geographical locations (enabling targeted location-specific messages)
Update their personal information
Change the receiving e-mail address (an option not available in most other
newsletter/ mailing list management systems)

One of the main advantages of using phpList is that the system uses 'throttling', meaning
e-mails are sent in batches, preventing server over-loads. This, of course, is of particular
importance for very large mailing lists.

Other advantages include:

Flexibility provided by multiple mailing lists
Ability to personalise messages
Easy bounce-back management
Ability to import current subscriber lists
Ease of phpList integration into Websites
User management tools enabling easy maintenance/ management of large
subscriber databases
Multiple subscribe pages offering a choice of language, lists, templates and user
attribute combinations
Multiple list administrators
Message queue preventing duplicate/ forgotten messages

Able to handle lists of 100 000 + subscribers, phpList also supports attachment uploads/
inclusion in messages and enables automatic sending of RSS feeds to subscribers on a daily,
weekly or monthly basis.

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