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Whenever you happen to visit an online forum, it is highly likely that it is powered by PHP
Bulletin Board, of phpBB for short. This is due to a variety of good reasons.

In addition to being open source and free of charge, phpBB is lightweight, easy to install
and use. It also features a unique MOD system, which enables users to download additions/
modifications to their existing phpBB installation in order to change the way it feels/ looks or
extend its functionality.

With hundreds of thousands of Websites already successfully using phpBB, users can also
rest assured that this software is both solid and stable, and a team of dedicated developers/
beta testers ensures that easy to implement updates are provided to users every three to four

Typically representing a single component within larger Websites, phpBB offers more than
163 downloadable styles - each one of which is customisable to allow a perfect match to
existing colour schemes/ themes, as well as being free - that make integration of phpBB into
existing sites easy.

What's more the software currently offers a choice of 47 different language packs, allowing
users to reach/ cater for a global audience if so desired. In addition to supporting most major
languages used on the Web, phpBB also supports more complicated languages - such as, for
instance Japanese and Arabic - that use altogether different character sets.

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