OpenCart Hosting

Increasing numbers of e-stores are opting for OpenCart as their shopping cart. Here is why.

To begin with, OpenCart (OC) is simple and extremely quick to install use - users are ready to
sell their products in three easy steps:

Install the application
Select a template
Add products - that's it

Secondly, OC makes international trade child's play by making it possible to add any one or
more of 32 languages, including, for example, French, German, Italian and Russian) to the
English language supported by the installation package.

In addition to the ability to add unlimited numbers of categories, products and/ or merchants,
OC offers multi-store management. This means multiple stores can be managed from a
single administration area. This enables users to offer their product ranges in suitably themed
stores, perhaps even in different languages and with different pricing options.

To ensure correct taxes are applied no matter which country products are ordered from/
shipped to, OC also allows users to set up a variety of tax zones.

Finally, the functionality of stores created using this SEO optimised software - which is free
from burdensome unnecessary options - can be further extended with the help of 11 easy to
install/ configure modules.

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