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MODX currently offer two content management systems, namely Evolution and Revolution.
Knowing just what the difference between these two options is will help to decide which one
of them will be the most suitable solution for any given user's Website needs.

Released in 2005, MODX Evolution is the classic MODX code base. Highly optimised to
suit an array of sites, this version includes an extensive add-on base, providing pre-built

Developed over a period of three years, MODX Revolution - a complete rewrite addressing
the requirements of larger sites - was released in 2010 and offers a feature-rich, more
configurable and scalable framework.

Evolution is generally faster when used on smaller sites, while Revolution can be scaled to
suit much larger, often multi-server environments, and includes/ supports, among many other

Creation of custom resources/ Media Sources (storing files in any API accessible
location, such as Amazon S3, for example)
Customisable caching
Multiple databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL)
Natively support of multiple Websites
Secure configurations (most files are stored outside web root)
Static Resources (static files located on file system)
Symlinks (links to pages able to maintain positions within dynamic menus

Both versions, by the way, support Weblinks (redirection of links to other Internet pages) and
Resources (Web pages).

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