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Anyone running an online store is aware of how important a good shopping cart system
really is. The highly popular CubeCart systems, V3, V4 and V5, offer users a choice that will
invariably be the best - and are customisable as well.

Written predominantly for MySQL and PHP, both systems also support a host of other bases,
and provide some unique, highly attractive styles.

V3 the earliest version, gives a Website that is 100 per cent template driven; offers users a
broad choice of different skins (available in fixed or 100 per cent width options); the ability to
use the application in either XHTML or CSS, and a host of other benefits.

V4 offers everything included in V3, as well as comment and review sections; more advanced
search capabilities and the ability to offer potential customers a selection of discounts, gift
certificates and/ or other gift items.

In V5, the latest version, overall code quality, architecture and class method documentation
are significantly improved, and themes also seem to have evolved to a much higher standard
than those of previous versions.

While earlier versions are naturally a little less costly than the later ones, the improvements
and additional features offered certainly make it worth considering getting hold of the latest

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