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Having installed Coppermine, users are likely to want to get stuck in and populate their brand
new gallery with content. There are, however, a few steps that need to be considered first, as
some of the necessary settings are difficult to change once content has been added.

The following list is a brief guide what needs to be done before starting to add content.

Immediately following the installation, initial configuration settings should be edited
Users need to familiarise themselves with the way Coppermine organises individual
file storage and navigation
Admin details must be entered correctly into the user's admin account
Uploading permissions (allowing/ disallowing other users to upload files) must be
Uploading should be checked to ensure correct performance before admitting visitors
If bridging is an option likely to be used, it should be considered now, as it will be
difficult to achieve once users are in place
Visitor interaction levels (what visitors may/ may not do) need to be determined

Naturally, users will also want to ensure their gallery blends well into the rest of the Website.
This is the time to make any necessary changes to the design of Coppermine.

More detailed instructions concerning each of these steps, as well as a host of other helpful
hints and tips, can be found at Coppermine Documentation.

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