Contrete5 Hosting

Available either for free download (to be installed onto user-servers) or as part of a hosted
package (prices vary according to selected plan), Concrete5 is a feature rich content
management system based on a well-considered framework.

Object-oriented programming and Model-View-Controller methods combine with an array
of available add-ons (some of which may not be free of charge, but are well worth the
comparatively low expense) to make this CMS a joy to work with.

Responsive and extremely easy to use, Concrete5 offers developers/ users a choice of
management options, one of which is 'In-Context Editing'. This option enables users to do
much of what needs to be done right there and then - to add a page, for instance, users can
go straight to where they wish to insert the new page, click 'Add Page' and that's it - making
management of content extremely easy.

A slightly more traditional dashboard is available to perform administrative tasks like
customising a theme, adding users or getting data reports, for instance. Dashboard pages
can be accessed easily via the dashboard's drop down menu, or by simply typing a section of
the required page's name into the provided 'Intelligent Search Field' (see more).

All in all, this sleek, powerful system is certainly fun to use, and an ever growing number of
themes and add-ons is continually improving it further.

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