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The application development framework known as CodeIgniter is a tool kit providing builders
of PHP based Websites with an extensive set of common task libraries - which can be
accessed easily via the application's simple interface and clear, logical structure - designed to
enable faster development of projects.

CodeIgniter uses object-oriented programming, allowing application code/ logic to be
understood and structured with greater ease and subsequently placed coherently. As such,
CodeIgniter makes both development and extension of an application’s features/functionality
easier for designers/ developers of varying abilities/ experience.

In essence, CodeIgniter is the perfect tool for developers/ designers who:

Desire a framework with next to no foot print
Do not wish to learn templating languages (although an optional template parser is
available if desired)
Favour simple solutions over complexity
Require a framework not requiring adherence to often restrictive coding rules
Require a framework without command line use
Require a near-zero configuration framework
Require compatibility with a wide range of standard hosting accounts running varying
PHP configurations/ versions
Require exceptional performance
Require thorough and clear documentation

In short, CodeIgniter is perfect for anyone wishing to minimise code required for varying tasks
in order to focus their attention on the creative aspects of projects.

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