Cloud Hosting

All of our shared hosting, reseller and virtual servers are hosted within our state-of-the-art cloud in the UK, this has numerous advantages in terms of speed, reliability and capacity. Our cloud has been designed for resilience from top to bottom.

Your hosting or server floats in our cloud, it isn't pinned down to one particular piece of hardware and by doing this; if a hardware failure occurs your hosting or server will automatically migrate to another piece of hardware in a matter of seconds. It fully self healing.

Reliability & Redundancy

Our cloud has been engineered for reliability and redundancy from the ground up. There is no single point of failure in the entire system. All power supplies are redundant, all network connections are redundant, and there are spare hardware which is sitting online ready and waiting to take over incase of failure.


We always keep our hardware up to date and we configure our architecture with expansion in mind. Our servers are loaded with memory and processors, and our storage system has plenty of spare room for all of your data requirements.

Future Proof

Thanks to Cloud technology your hosting or server is future proofed. As new and faster hardware emerges we automatically migrate your hosting or server to it without any downtime. This means you're always on the best possible hardware providing the best possible performance.

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