Daily Backups

Our state-of-the-art backup system ensures that your data is always safe. Not only does it protect against disaster recovery, it also gives protection against user error, so should you accidently a file or folder, accidently modify it, or a failed site software upgrade - you will be able to recover your data with a few clicks.

The backup system is an entirely separate system and geographical location, meaning that if we suffer any form of data loss, either due to technical or natural causes (such as fire), your data is 100% safe.

14 Daily Snapshots

We snapshot your entire account once every morning and keep each one on a rolling 14 day period. What this means is that you can restore your entire account, individual folders or individual folders from any day in the last 14 with a few clicks.

Retained for 6 Months

As well as 14 daily snapshots we keep 6 x 1 monthly snapshots, so if you realise you've lost data even a few months after it's deleted, you can still restore it quickly and easily uing the easy to use interface.

Easy to Use Interface

The backup system integrates directly with your control pane, you can browse your files and folders as far back as 6 months with a few clicks. To restore it's as simple as ticking a few boxes and hitting go. You can even download the files direct to your computer rather than restore them to your account.

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