Your Own Website VS Facebook Page

Your Own Website VS Facebook Page

Have you ever considered putting up an online presence for your business today? Well, you should definitely do that!

Most people today are in social media and other social networking sites. Some may suggest you should have your own website; others may say Facebook page is better, free and world-renowned for millions of users reaching out every day.

Which do you prefer? Here are some facts that might help you decide on what to choose:

Facebook fanpage

As everyone knows, creating a Facebook page is so simple and easy. All you need to do is sign up, write your information, posts important matters or related facts about your business and voilà! You have a Facebook page already in just a snap. You can now turn your business accessible to millions of interested clients and potential customers all over the country.
Any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or other popular ones, will guarantee to give you reachable access in which your website may not assure you. Aside from that, it can also help promote your business to millions of subscribers and audiences without any payment or costs charge. Plus, it allows you to develop your business or company reputation internationally with the right amount of clients and audiences.

Your Own Website
Now, let's go to your own website! If you want your business marketing and strategy creates loyal customers that could stay much longer, owning a website is suitable for you. Here are some factors you could consider:
Social networking problems
1. Most social networking sites don't guarantee you ownership and you don't have the control. Social networking sites change its policies, data information, and for unfortunate reason, some goes out of business.
2. Even though social media is quite popular today, some people, especially the big names in the business industry, are not a fan of social media networking sites. Most users of social media, according to research, are women which are much younger (ages 18 to 25). You can check it out on Facebook to clarify.
3. Lastly, the URL of some social media networking site doesn't deliver professionalism which could harm your business reputation, unlike website URL. For example, there's a business that has a Facebook page and no website. Would you take a risk to buy from them? Guess not!
Having a website is your basic foundation for your company's online existence. Take advantage of it and start marketing your business in a much safer and easy way.


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