What is Colocation Hosting and When is it Necessary?

What is Colocation Hosting and When is it Necessary?

Colocation hosting differs from every other type of hosting because rather than letting you rent a web server, colocation hosting simply provides a secure and stable storage facility for your own private web server. In essence, a colocation hosting facility is a state-of-the-art datacenter equipped with 24 hour security and various high tech systems that keep the web server protected from all types of damage at all times. Many colocation datacenters also offer you access to the fastest internet speeds on earth, and many times the datacenter will have redundant connections from multiple internet service providers. If you want your web server to perform to the best of its ability and be in the safest conditions on earth, then a colocation hosting plan may be for you.

Colocation datacenters are specifically designed with server safety in mind, and each web server is placed in server racks that are constantly being cooled by air cooled floors and top quality air circulation and purification system. The dust levels, temperatures, pressure, humidity and every other aspect of the environment is tightly controlled and regulated within the server rooms. Colocation hosting plans are ideal for business owners that need a safe place to store their web servers on a long term basis.


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