Hosting Companies and the mysterious 99.9 % Uptime

Hosting Companies and the mysterious 99.9 % Uptime

Whoever has researched the Internet for a suitable company to host their Website will have
noticed that just about every hosting provider offers - and often guarantees - 99.9 % uptime.
So why not just say 100 %? The reason for this is simple: there is no such thing as 100 %

While hosting companies do their utmost to strive for perfection, there are simply too many
factors - many of which are out of their control - involved. Human error, software issues and
power, network or equipment failures can be prepared for, but not necessarily prevented.
Claiming, or perhaps even guaranteeing, 100 % uptimes could subsequently result in all sorts
of serious issues and potential law suits.

So what exactly does this percentage mean? Basically, a guaranteed uptime of 99.9 %
means a server - and subsequently all sites hosted on it - may be down due to technical
issues for approximately 8 hrs 45 mins per year. This, by the way, does not include planned
server maintenance downtimes or your own downtimes caused by issues with/ maintenance
to your site.

When choosing a host, it is therefore important to look for a minimum of 99.8 % (which is
17 hrs 30 mins - double the downtime of 99.9 %) uptime, although 99.9 % is - for obvious
reasons - more desirable.


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