Handy Network/ DNS Troubleshooting Tools

Handy Network/ DNS Troubleshooting Tools

There are many online tools that can be of substantial help when troubleshooting DNS or
network related server, Website or other online service issues. Such tools include, among
many others:

How is my DNS?
Webmaster Toolkit

Here are some of the ways in which these tools - all of which are free - can assist users in
their troubleshooting efforts.

DNS Look-ups - While DNS look-ups for specific DNS records can be performed from a
user's computer (using Dig or Nslookup), being able to perform them from different locations
enables users to verify consistent DNS settings/ behaviour; get information on problem
causing IPs; verify Reverse DNS Entries for mail servers; gather Website visitor data and/ or
validate public name server configurations/ functionality.

DNS Health Tests - Particularly useful when dealing with hard to track DNS related
problems, these tools examine a domain name's DNS settings and authoritative DNS servers,
flagging problems/ potential problems in the process.

IP Information - Occasionally, it is helpful to find out where an IP address is hosted, who
owns it, and so on. This is made possible with the help of some these tools.

Network Tests - Issues with basic network connectivity can be narrowed down with the help
of tools performing tests using ping/ trace routes.


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