Great Tools for Traffic-Driving Infographics

Great Tools for Traffic-Driving Infographics

Infographics are an excellent way to present data in an attractive, interesting manner to potential customers/ clients. What's more, they are also an excellent tool for driving traffic to your site. Thanks to an array of available tools to assist in the creation of infographics, it is also no longer necessary to pay someone to painstakingly compile relevant information and create high quality infographics for you. Here are some of them.

Data Market - This tool provides continually updated, relevant information concerning numerous worldwide topics and industries, making it easy to find all the information you may need to create an interesting infographic.

Daytum - A tool designed to allow users to collect and organise data before using it for infographics and varying other data visualisation types.

Gephi - Similar to Photoshop, this application allows data to be arranged in visual patterns to assist users in understanding and visualising data before using more advanced tools to create their infographics.

Gliffy - Featuring an easy-to-use interface for the creation of varying visually appealing graphics, Gliffy is an online diagram creator available for a free trial period.

Many Eyes - This application - created by IBM - allows users to upload the data/ information they need to visualise. They are then able to select a style for the graphic presentation of this information.

Prezi - Presentations including animations, curated videos and interactive infographics; sounds and multiple-source text can be created using this handy tool.

TimelineJS - Though not strictly an infographic, the interactive timeline this tool allows users to create by 'feeding events' from many online sources into it is an attractive and effective way to draw visitors to your site. - A design platform allowing users with little or no design skills/ experience to create their own attractive infographics. also allows designers to share their projects. - This tool creates resume infographics of the user's LinkedIn data, providing freelancers, consultants, and so on with an excellent infographic sales tool for their services/ business.

Wordle - This handy tool creates attractive and powerful infographics based on simple word clouds. Users can create images that emphasise the importance of one concept/ piece of information over the next by weighting word values differently.

For beginners wishing to create simple, yet attractive infographics that provide visitors with interesting information, these tools - and in particular and Wordle - are without the shadow of a doubt an invaluable source of assistance.


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