Efficiently finding Information on the Internet

Efficiently finding Information on the Internet

The Internet - and subsequently search engines - is an integral part of most people's lives. People shop, pay bills, work and find businesses, long lost friends or family and more online. An almost unlimited source of information, the Internet can provide inspiration; show how to do things; answer questions; explain, define or clarify things and more.

There are two ways of finding information. One is to post a question in one of the many forums, blogs, and so on. While this can be very helpful, it does, however, take time - you do, after all have to wait for someone to post an answer.

The other way is to simply search for the answer via Google or other search engines. 99 per cent of the time, the required information can be found within minutes. Here are a few tips on speeding the process up and making your searches more effective.

Search Words - Try imagining what others may type in to find a specific piece of information and make your search words/ combinations of words as varied as possible. Searching for information on the Knysna Velvet Worm for an article about this endangered species, for instance, came up with nothing until the scientific name, Peripatopsis clavigera, was entered as the search term.

Location - Looking for location specific information is made easier and more efficient by the advanced search option panel on the left hand side of Google results, as is finding recent information.

If an answer can not be found reasonably quickly in spite of your best efforts, there is a good chance that it is not actually out there. This is rare, but it can happen - especially if the answer is actually quite obvious.


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