Calculating Storage and Bandwidth Requirements

Calculating Storage and Bandwidth Requirements

The decision which hosting provider is most suitable for your intended Website is partially based on how much bandwidth and storage (disc space) is provided. Naturally, it helps to know just how much you will actually need of both to comfortably accommodate the needs of your site.

How much disc space you require will depend on the type of content you intend to add and the number of pages on the site. Images and videos, for instance, will take up far more of your available resources than text. As a rule of thumb, the hosting industry suggests that 10 pages and 4 to 5 images will take up approximately 2MB of storage space. This can be used as a rough guideline when calculating the amount of space you will require.

When calculating necessary bandwidth, it is important to understand that bandwidth and data transfer are not the same. In essence, bandwidth can be compared to the diameter of a pipeline, while data transfer is the amount of oil flowing through it. If large amounts of oil are expected to be put through this pipeline, it is essential for it to have a large diameter. In other words, if you expect large amounts of data to be transferred, you will need a high bandwidth allowance.


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