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Your Own Website VS Facebook Page

Have you ever considered putting up an online presence for your business today? Well, you should definitely do that!

Most people today are in social media and other social networking sites. Some may suggest you should have your own website; others may say Facebook page is better, free and world-renowned for millions of users reaching out every day.

Which do you prefer? Here are some facts that might help you decide on what to choose:

Facebook fanpage

As everyone knows, creating a Facebook page is so simple and easy. All you need to do is sign up, write your information, posts important matters or related facts about your business and voilà! You have a Facebook page already in

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Web Hosting Service Questions for Your Reference  

In all parts of the online world, all websites today need web host in a long run. For better options, plan your web hosting to give clear and concise access direct to the web server. With this, you can store web files from your computer to the server and can share data for better traffic management.
Today, there are various web hosting options and plans available in the market and most of them are free web hosts. If you are planning to get a web hosting provider for your website, here are some commonly raised questions about "what" and "which" free web hosting to use.
Is web hosting really for free?
For first time users -- YES. There are options where you choose FREE web hosti

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Do You Need a VPS?

In high-speed development of today, technology is no longer technology, it is high-tech; a server is not a server, but a state-of-the-art hardware; hosting is no longer web hosting, but a large array of vaguely understandable terms - cloud, VPS, etc. If you're new to the tech world, choosing web hosting for the first time may come as a bit of a headache. Virtual private server and cloud server have become a popular trend in web hosting within the past few years. Today, it seems unfashionable and unprofessional to host your websites with anything but cloud servers. Let us see what a VPS is and if it meets your requirements.

VPS, a virtual private server, is a server installed on a compute

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Choosing a Web Hosting Provider Guide for Newbies

In the previous article, we have discussed the importance of security, reliability and compatibility issue when choosing a web hosting provider. Today we will discuss the price value issue and customer support choice.

Compare prices and what various providers offer for the amount of money you can afford to pay currently. Some webmasters blindly choose providers basing exclusively on cheap prices. This is totally wrong. Some major providers offer really cheap prices, because they started out like domain name registrars and developed a large clientele selling domain names. Now they're expanding and selling cheap hosting to their clients. These companies may have a large number of services y

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Predicting the Future Technology

There's so much at stake when we try to predict the technology in the near future because we're thinking about things that it'll replace in the coming years. This generation has been very fast in producing and coming up with devices. Imagine a mobile phone manufacturer can release a new model every year. In ten years' time, there will be gazillions of mobile phones released since its birth. Can you remember the first cell phone models? If yes, don't you feel that it was only yesterday when this was invested for us to use.

But what could be the things that we can expect in the future when it comes to the technology that we have today?

1. Speedier
Speed is a friend of time. When there

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Internet Marketing 101

Back in the day, there's only one kind of marketing. It is the traditional marketing that we know wherein humans have to send out snail mails that include promotions. People look in to the entertainment section on broadsheets to know the latest movies one could watch. But in this era, there's another form of marketing that has stood the test of time yet still proves to be effective in the near future.

What is internet marketing?
It is otherwise known as online marketing where the primary source where marketing is happening is on the web. By the name itself, it points out marketing in the online community.

Why in the World Wide Web?
Since the birth of internet, people have been in the

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Multi-Cloud, the latest Buzz in Cloud Hosting

Cloud based platforms are continually evolving into more and more complex arrangements. This is partly due to the fact that businesses around the world now demand top-of-the-range cloud services to be combined into optimal solutions. The concept answering this demand is known as 'multi-cloud'.

But what exactly is multi-cloud? It is without a doubt far more complex than hybrid cloud, which essentially pairs public and private clouds. Multi-cloud basically adds additional clouds into this mix. This may, for instance, include two, three or more public IaaS providers and a private PaaS, as well as on demand security and/ or management systems from varying public clouds, accounting based on p

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Cyber Crime and Forensic Readiness

Continually advancing Internet/ Information Technology brings huge benefits to worldwide companies. It does, however, also bring ever increasing threats of computer fraud, security breaches and cyber crimes. In the past, such incidents were dealt with 'after the fact'.

Today, companies need to be ready for potential attacks and subsequent investigations/ responses by implementing measures and installing equipment/ software to continually monitor data processes, detect and prevent potential security breaches and gather/ store relevant information securely. The process of securing potential evidence for digital forensic investigations is known as forensic readiness.

Well organised foren

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Trends Contributing to Increasing Network Complexity

Over the last few years, creating and managing IP networks has become increasingly complex. Technology and business trends mean this process is gathering speed, and levels of complexity will continue to be driven higher still over the coming years as a result. Here are some of the trends driving this process.

Commercial Network Dependency - As commerce depends more and more on networks, performances, and subsequently complexity, of networks rapidly increases. Network outages and unplanned downtimes can deal serious financial blows to companies.

According to Gartner Group research, the average cost network downtimes cause small to medium sized companies is estimated at approximately $4

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Lenovo and Extreme Networks form Infrastructure Partnership

Extreme Networks officials announced on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, that the data centre and technology solution provider has joined leading computer manufacturer Lenovo in a worldwide reseller partnership.

The partnership involves Lenovo reselling converged infrastructure solutions featuring Extreme Networks' Open Fabric Ethernet switches. Covering more than 60 countries around the world, the move also means channel partners of Lenovo will be offering this converged infrastructure solution, which relates to networking, storage and computing requirements.

Lenovo marketing VP Darren Ward stated in a press release on PRNewswire that addressing today's consumers' cloud and data centre needs

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